Seibel Services

What is a supervised visitation and exchange center?
A supervised visitation and exchange center is a safe setting in which custodial and non-custodial parents may visit with their children, or for the exchange of children by and between parents.  The types of situations that may require the use of the center include parents involved in domestic violence, Orders for Protection, Harassment Orders, or divorcing parents who have conflict.  In most cases, the parents will be court ordered those the center, or referred through other legal action.  Some families may self-refer – these cases involve non-custodial parents who have visitation rights and no local place to visit or safely exchange for the visit.

The Seibel Center is a dedicated facility specifically for supervised visitation and exchange services. Parents receive a current schedule of the center at orientation. Time slots change with the school year and we notify parents when there are changes to the schedule. Most visits will be scheduled for 1-2 hours depending on court orders and circumstances.

The Seibel Center charges a sliding fee based upon an individuals’ gross income. In most cases, the courts will assign a percentage of responsibility and in that absence, parties will be assigned a 50% split of fees. All fees will be prepaid and collected at the end of a visit or exchange for the next visit. Fees are based upon one staff member per family and may be adjusted based upon family safety needs and/or the unique needs of a family.

Based on each family’s individual set of circumstances, the staff of the Seibel Center will assign you to one of several types of visits:

Individual Visits are supervised visits in which there is only one family in the center at a time.  The visiting family will have a supervision monitor.

Multiple Family Individual Visits are visits in which there is more than one family in the center at one time.  Each family has their own supervision monitor.  The maximum number of families in a multiple family individual visit in the center at one time is six. 

Group Visits are visits in which there is more than one family in the center at one time and a supervision monitor attends more than one family at a time.

Exchanges are by and between custodial and non-custodial parents and their children when the child(ren) are changing locations and spending time with parents.

All parents—both custodial and non-custodial, must schedule and attend an orientation before beginning services.  Orientations must take place in person and are approximately an hour in length.

During the orientation you can expect to:

·         Tour facility – learn about the Seibel Center

·         Discuss safety issues

·         Review “Conditions of Visitation” and “recommendations for a Successful Visit”