How Can We Help You?

What Makes Us Different?
While we may seem like a center-based child care, we are not.  Catherwood Home Child Care operates under a C3 license from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. 

Our Staff to child ratios allow us to work closely with non-English speaking children in smaller group settings.  Bi-lingual staff work with the children toward Kindergarten and reading readiness as well as assisting non-English speaking parents with child care issues.

School transportation is a barrier for some families.  Catherwood Home Child Care transports, on average 15 children daily to 5 different schools.  This service is provided to parents free of charge.

Our on-site Director identifies on a monthly basis those children needing immunization updates, and works witht he parents to secure speical needs assessments, child care payment assistance, medical and dental exams and other services that might be necessary. 

The "Family Care" Philosophy
At Catherwood, our priority is quality child care.  But we know that as professional providers, we can be of great assistance to our families in a number of areas. 

We make it our job to help families, either new or established in the community, obtain information on the following:
-Child Care Assistance (CCA)
- School enrollment and transportation logistics
-Special Needs Assessments
-Adult Continuing Education
-Insurance Eligibility
-Dental, Medical Evaluations.

And much more... we believe that by giving parents the right tools to help their children, the family becomes stronger.

How Can We Help You?
Catherwood Home Child Care works in close partnership with a variety of organizations throughout the county including:
-Department of Human Services
-Mower County Public Health
-Mower County Transit
- Austin Public School District
- Mower County Interagency Early Intervention Committee

Catherwood is ready to assist your family.  Call us if you need help with:
-Bi-lingual care
-1st, 2nd or 3rd shift care
-Transportation to and from school or school-related activities
-Assistance with child care payment reimbursement
-Connections to neighborhood programs and parenting support options
-School readiness assessements or special needs assessments
-Reading readiness
-Short-term Crisis Nursery Placement
-Drop-in Care