Crisis Homes Needed


FUNCTION: To provide short-term crisis care in your own home for children between the ages of newborn to 12 years as part of a child abuse and neglect prevention program.

Experience working with children as a parent, in paid position, or as a volunteer.
~Basic knowledge of the stages of growth and development in order to meet physical and emotional needs of children who may be in stress/crisis.


·         Enjoys children

·         Compassionate

·         Good listener

·         Patient

·         Responsible

·         Flexible

·         Sensitive to the needs of others

·         Non-judgmental

·         Positive self esteem

~ Provide temporary care from 2 to 72 hours (determined by availability of Care Home parent).
 Care for the physical/emotional needs of children in a calm and nurturing manner.
~ Give positive guidance, care and training to a child according to his/her stage of development, special abilities or limitations.
 Deal with a variety of emotions in a manner that will build positive interpersonal relationships.
Treat the child as a member of the family, recognizing that the child has other family ties.
 Report to the Crisis Nursery staff any conditions needing medical attention or seek emergency medical treatment, if needed.  Administer first aid within individual skill level, if needed.
 Learn and comply with program policies and procedures of Crisis Nursery.
 Participate in training on a regular basis through Crisis Nursery and/or other trainings available in the community (12 hours per year).
 Log the child’s progress and behaviors while in your care.
 Maintain confidentiality.


·         Six hours of orientation prior to first placement and six additional hours of formal and informal training the first year.

·         12 hours of formal/informal training each additional year (learning opportunities through the Parenting Resource Center and other community agencies)


·         Provided by Crisis Nursery staff before and during each placement.

·         Determined on an individual basis


·         Opportunity to aid in the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

·         Opportunity to provide a safe place for children.

·         Documented experience and performance appraisal for use as future reference.

·         Opportunity to participate in training seminars that build skills and knowledge.

NOTE:  All Crisis Nursery homes are licensed as foster care homes for the mutual protection of the care homes and agency.

The Crisis Nursery of Mower and Freeborn Counties is located at the

Parenting Resource Center, Inc.  105 1st Street SE, Austin, MN  55912.


Phone#: 507-434-9599

Toll Free#: 1-877-434-9599