Austin Drug Task Force

The Austin Area Drug Task Force is a coalition of Austin area community leaders and stake-holders working to make an impact on the use and misuse of drugs and alcohol in the community of Austin.  The task force meets monthly.

In its history, this grass-roots task force has tackled methamphetamine use and production.  The City of Austin was the first in the state of Minnesota to regulate the sale of ephedrine products.

Currently the Task Force is directing its collective energy in the prevention/ reduction of prescription drug misuse and the
MOVE...WATCH...DISPOSE Campaign has been part of this effort.

In addition, the Task Force is working with Austin High School's Chemical Health Awareness Initiative (CHAI) in the pursuit of a Social Hosting Ordinance for the City of Austin.

For more information about the Austin Area Drug Task Force you can contact at Kirsten Lindbloom 507-437-0371 or Email Bonnie Rietz.